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Macrobiotic Whole Foods can address matters ranging from physical ailments, allergies, energy levels, to behavioral concerns for you and your family. This fall, I will once again be offering Macrobiotic Cooking classes which will provide you with the skills needed to create well-balanced meals that are aligned with you, your lifestyle, and your environment. Best of all – they taste great!

Macrobiotic Whole Foods Cooking Classes

Classes focus on the importance of healthy home cooking.  Restaurant food can be wonderful and helpful from time to time but it often is too high in salt and fat for daily consumption, and the quality is often questionable.  Home is where we go to rest, nourish, and recharge. I often combine some Italian traditions with macrobiotic principles.  Each class will include a complete meal: soup, grain dish, bean dish, vegetable dish, and dessert.  Sea vegetables are often incorporated.  You will learn how yin and yang and the five element theory are used to look at diet, season, and lifestyle.

Includes generous tastings at the end of class.  If you need to leave promptly you can bring containers to take to-go.  Register with an online sign-up sheet .

Classes will be held seasonally in Guilford, CT.

Saturdays. 10am-1pm. Cost : $45

Fall- November

Winter- February

Spring- May


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Macrobiotic Dietary Consultation

Depending on your goals, whether stress relief, improving your energy, strengthening your immunity, or to gain better focus and clarity, a consultation will show you how to achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle.

1 hour Session: $60

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes September 6, 2015


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